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We value our clients' experience at Silicon Valley Veterinary Specialists. The testimonials below are from Google reviews and our Yelp and Facebook pages. We love to hear from our clients, so please let us know your experience too!

Nikki G.

We came in with our 15 year old cat, he was in critical condition. Deep down we knew he wasn't going to make it. The doctor was very knowledgeable and gave it to us straight. It was very a devastating day knowing we had to put our lil Simba down. A week later we received a card from the staff. We really appreciate how kind and informative the staff was.

Stacy H. 

Excellent loving care for our very large Bullmastiff who has anxiety with vet visits. I wish we could bring him here for all routine vet visits...I've simply never witnessed him being relaxed after a procedure. Timely follow up care check in calls. Highly recommend this clean, professional, kind, skilled vet hospital with reasonable pricing in an emergency as well.

Charlotte J., San Jose

Came here for emergency visit.  Everyone was so nice, and professional.Dr. Anderson told me my dog's knee had gone out.  They took such good care of mt dog and even the surgical doctor took a look.  What was nice was they called the next day to check on how my dog was doing.  I would recommend them and they are 24 hour emergency hospital.

gone now due to a stroke. But we will never forget all they did for her.

Mike Z., San Jose

We are very grateful to Dr.Dhaliwal, Dr.Moore and the staff at S.V.V.S. They took such great care of our precious Kaly the cat.They helped her so much during the last year of her life. I can't even express our gratitude for every day they gave us with our baby. They are such caring and devoted Dr.'s . Our little Kaly is gone now due to a stroke. But we will never forget all they did for her.

Steven A., Milpitas
Took excellent care of our dog and made sure he made it through the night. He ingested something that made him real sick and he is only 3 lbs puppy. Thanks Silicon Valley Vet!

Jenn F.
Took my 18 yr old cat Misty to see them on a Friday night, she had an open anal gland. they were very nice, caring, explained everything, and took great care of her. Grateful they are so close and convenient if I am to need them for future vet needs.

Pat S.
Excellent facility with great staff. The Vet explained everything to us so we could understand. We would definitely return to this facility with an Emergency or for a specialist consult.

Dawn C., San Jose
I took my new adopted 3 yr Lhasa Apso in for vomiting. We were greeted at the door by the gentleman at the front desk, he ask us what was wrong with our dog Gandolf. We waited maybe 3 min, before were put in a room and the vet tech came in, did vitals and more of a history. He was very very professional, also so very gentle with Gandolt. We he completed vitals, he said Dr. would be in soon. Again we only waited at the most 3 min. The Vet was Dr Repp, he is an incredible person as well as a vet. He was very gentle with Gandolf, on exam. When he was taking a history from us he was very detailed, unfortunately, we don't have a lot of history, because he was adopted. The main concern for Gandolt was a possible bowel obstruction. Dr. Repp suggested xrays, to rule out obstruction, then an injection for nausea and vomiting and fluids, just right under the skin and the body will absorb it, so Gandolf would not have to stay and have an IV put in.  

The films were negative for a bowel obstruction, however Dr. Repp wanted their radiologists to take a look at the films the following morning, just to make sure. Thanks to Dr Repp and his wonderful advice, we were able to take Gandolf home with us that night.

The next morning at 7:30 Dr. Repp called to tell us the radiologists did not see any abnormalities or obstruction. However if Gandolt started vomiting again even water to bring him back in. He said he was off duty and Dr. Dhaliwal would be there and new of Gandolfs' history. About an hour later I called back because I had forgotten to ask a question, I believe Amanda answered the phone, who was also very polite and said for me to hold a moment and she would get the Dr. on the phone. To my surprise Dr. Repp answered my questions, he was still there but off duty. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. The employee's, and Dr Repp all go above and beyond to care for your sick animal. The place it self is so clean and  the fee was actually way lower than I thought it would be, I have used other ER vet before, so I did have something to compare to. If in need of a ER Vet hospital, this is where I will go. I cannot express enough about the whole experience. SVVS is wonderful, the employees are so polite and professional as well has compassionate. Dr. Repp is an incredible Dr. Thank you Silicon Valley Vet Specialists you are all so wonderful.

Andrew C., Milpitas
My dog, Money, got severely burned in an accident, so we took him here. It was the first thing that came up on google and it said that it was open 24 hours. We rushed him there immediately. They said that Money should stay overnight because taking him back home would've only injured him more, and we completely agreed. Unfortunately, his injuries were really bad, so we chose for him to get euthanized... These guys were extremely sympathetic/empathetic throughout the whole process, which I really appreciated. The doctor who was helping us even stayed past his shift out of courtesy and kindness. I don't remember his name but he was a tall, white, young-ish guy with glasses. Anyways, I only have good things to say about this place. Everyone in there is warm and welcoming, so I almost felt like I was bringing my dog into a family member's home. I felt confident that he would be cared for, and I feel like he was. They helped my family and me through a tough time. I liked how they tried their best to care for my dog even though he only responded to my family (probably due to poor training). They helped end Money's suffering and that's really what matters most to us. If you have a pet emergency, I recommend this place.

Our new 5 month old puppy Annie was attacked and nearly killed by a negligent neighbor's dog. Simply put, without the skill, dedication, care and support of the entire staff, we would have lost Annie. Our dogs are a huge part of our family and there is no one I trust more to care for them than the amazing staff at Silicon Valley Veterinarian Specialist. We cannot thank you guys enough.

Dianna M., Campbell
Dr. Ravi & staff are all wonderful!  We brought our dog Scout in in an emergency type basis & Dr. Ravi was very thorough, extremely knowledgeable & beyond caring. In this type of situation, people can sometimes be taken advantage of financially & there was absolutely none of that at Silicon Valley Pet Specialists. The whole staff was very supportive with the decisions we made regarding Scout's care, which made dealing with his passing much much easier.

Thanks again to all of you at SVPS who dealt with our sweet Scouty so kindly.

Michael G., Gilroy
I am so pleased with Dr. Moore and Dr. Dhaliwal. My best friend, Tommy, has been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. This has been a difficult ordeal, but Dr. Moore and Dr. Dhaliwal are exceptional vets.  Dr. Moore diagnosed my dog. I have been able to reach both of them for follow up questions (as I have been doing a ton of internet research on this disease.) Dr. Moore's staff is excellent and very friendly. I was eating next door just the other night at The Flame's and stopped in to check on my dog's medicine refill. The assistant knew my exact situation (Special Mail-Order Prescription) and followed up with me the very next day.  

These Doctors actually care and even have called me to see "how is he doing?"  

When one of past buddies was diagnosed with a brain disease, I had to travel all over California to have her treated. She passed in 2004. I wish Dr. Moore and Dr. D were around to have treated her. She would have loved them. The other specialists I saw for her were uncaring and extremely expensive.

Dr. Moore has been very honest in "how long" my dog has to live. I feel confident that with him as my dog's vet, Tommy will continue to lead a good quality of life.

Please, before you make a difficult decision such as euthanization, you owe it to yourself and your pet to go see Dr. Moore or Dr. Dhaliwal.

Kelly H., San Jose
We just had a wonderful experience at Silicon Valley Vet Specialists with our cat who had to spend the last four days there with a urethral obstruction. The doctors and staff are very nice and helpful, the hospital is very clean, the prices are very reasonable (about half the price we were  paying at another vet), they allow for pet visits, and they do not do unnecessary lab work (which saves you lots of money). Best of all, they are open 24/7 and do not charge extra for coming at off-hours, so you can come whenever your schedule allows without extra stress.

We will definitely be coming back to this animal hospital. They are very much worth the drive. They really do treat animals (and people) like family.

Julie D., Gilroy
I am so happy to have been referred to Silicon Valley Veterinary Specialists. They took great care of my 11 year old golden retriever, Jeter. The staff was so gentle with him and they let me visit him while he stayed overnight to prepare for his procedure. The doctors and the staff let me know step by step how he was doing – and they followed up with me to check on his recovery. He is active, energetic, and healthy again thanks to Dr. Moore, Dr. Dhaliwal and the team at SVVS.

Nancy B., San Jose
My husband is a volunteer at the San Jose Animal Care facility on Monterey Highway and he found a little 2-month old kitty that had been adopted and returned in just 1 day and was going to be put to sleep.  He couldn't let that happen so he brought her home.  But first he took her to our regular vet which is close to our house.  They felt they couldn't help her because she needed more care than they offer so they referred us to SVVS.

I am so glad they did.  This little kitty was really, really ill and we weren't sure if she was going to survive. She ended up having a very serious operation to save her life. We were consulted with all possible solutions and suggestions as to how to make her well again. The surgery was a success and we brought her home yesterday. 

Dr. Moore and Dr. Dhaliwal were always available for our questions and were willing to spend time with us to assure us that she would be ok. The integrity of these doctors and their willingness to do whatever it took to make sure she will be a cat with a good quality of life was outstanding.  

The vet techs and office staff are very accommodating and were very pleasant and helpful each time we went to see Mandy. The best part - they let us go into the back area and hold our new kitty and did everything they possibly could to make us comfortable.

I will highly recommend SVVS to all of my friends who have pets.

And, it is really very easy to get to. Take 85 South to the Bernal turnoff; turn right at the light and then at the third light which is Santa Teresa make a left and then at the second driveway turn left and park. If you pass Flames, you have gone too far.

Tom H., San Jose
Dr Mike Moore has the kind and gentle demeanor that you would hope for not only for your pet, but you would wish your own personal doctor to be like him. I think that being a veterinarian is more than a career for him, I think he truly loves animals. You will see this right away when you meet him.

I had the misfortune of my cat Irma's injury being unsuccessfully treated by two other vets. They ended up recommending I go to these S V V S which I did.  I have to say that by that time it was too late for a cure but Dr. Moore worked harder and longer than I would have believed anyone would.  In the end I think he was nearly as sad as I was to have had to make the hard choice.  He went above the call of duty more than my own doctor would do for me.

I know who to call first the next time without a doubt.

Thank you so very much Dr. Moore and all your warm staff.

M.M., Lakewood, CA
Two finer veterinarians would be difficult to find. I know them both firsthand as a client from a previous practice in Orange County, CA. Of the two I've had more experience with Dr. Moore treating multiple pets of mine-dogs and cats-over many years. He is the ultimate caring kind doctor, a great diagnostician with integrity and honest opinions. Years of experience enhances his careful expertise. When trust is needed at a critical time, there is no one better than Dr.Moore.

Tami C., San Jose
They were wonderful to our adopted pound puppy Chewy. Didn't do unnecessary tests. Followed up by phone calls to make sure everything was ok and the meds were working. Very pleased and happy to have them in the neighborhood.

Virginia B., San Jose
Going to Silicon Valley Veterinary Specialists was the best location we could've taken our dog Roxy to when she needed immediate medical attention. 

Our little 10lb chi-weenie terrier mix was hit by an SUV and needed immediate help. The clinic in our neighborhood was not equipped to help but they recommended SVVS.  

After taking an x-ray they discovered that her diaphragm ruptured due to the impact. It pushed the contents of her abdomen into her chest cavity. She had to undergo major surgery.

Dr. Ravinder Dhaliwal did such an amazing job!

Roxy had to stay in their facility for a week. During that time, Dr. Ravi suggested that we visit her because dogs tend to recover quicker when their families comes around. He couldn't be more right. And with their help and attention, she recovered nicely.

Everyone who works there are all very pleasant, patient, friendly, caring, (... should I go on?) loving, and professional. They made our tragic experience into a positive one and I am very thankful for that.

Susan, Gilroy

My 11 year old Lab needed to be seen urgently so I took him to SVVS. He was seen immediately and the doctors and technicians were so thorough and caring.  They saved his life.  Thank you so much Dr. Bedell!  

Jerry, Reinholds PA

Last August we were visiting family and my Boston Terrier/Pug mix, got heat stroke. We rushed him to Silicon Valley Vet Specialists and were glad that they saw him right away. He is alive today thanks to their excellent emergency care.  I would recommend them.

Melissa, San Jose

I just want to say that they have the nicest and most friendly staff that I have ever taken my pets to.  From when they answered the phone to when I walked in, they gave the best service.  

Anne, Morgan Hill

Dr. Moore and the staff at Silicon Valley Veterinary Specialists provided my cats with the most compassionate and comprehensive care.  They really care about their patients and were so kind to us.  I highly recommend them if you ever need a specialist or have an emergency.  We felt like we were family from the moment we walked in.  If you want an atmosphere that gives lots of individual attention and treats your pets like they treat their own, you have to go visit them and see for yourself what great care and compassion they provide.  I very highly Silicon Valley Veterinary Specialists if you are looking for cutting edge technology, state of the art equipment combined with dedication, compassion and knowledge.  

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